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Search and Rescue becker, mr510, personal, locator, beacon

uhf, vhf, voice communications  
Becker MR510 Personal Locator Beacon
uhf, vhf, voice communications
uhf, vhf, voice communications  
Detection and Precision in Positioning
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Personal Locator Beacon

The MR510 is a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) developed byr Becker based on the experience gained with the reliable MR506 and MR509 PLBs.

The MR510 features VHF/UHF Voice Communication, 12 GPS channels, reducing weight, size, power consumption, implementing water activation, based on the latest technology.

This equipment is a rugged and robust PLB for the Armed Force, providing a SAR tool of outstanding performance and safety position accuracy, and with a < 5 minute location in collaboration with the COSPAS-SARSAT chain.

Thanks to the VHF/UHF/GPS integrated antennas, the unit can be used as a standalone PLB, or coupled to external VHF/UHF/GPA antennas for life vest or life raft.

When activated, the device transmits sweep tone radio distress signals on the international VHF/UHF emergency frequencies, simultaneously sending messages on the COSPAS-SARSAT (CIS) satellite frequenciy, providing detection and accurate positioning anywhere in the world.

Rescue operations

The additional voice communication mode permits the surviver to communicate with rescue teams in the VHF/UHF band..

This Class I / Class II PLB will operate successfully under all conditions, even after years in storage or being exposed to a hostile marine environment.

It has a guaranteed operating time more than 24 hours from +55 °C down to -40 °C / -20 °C, and is waterproof down to 10 meters.

The unit can be activated either Manually, or automatically by a landyard connected to the ejection seat. It will also activate Automatically by immersion in water.

The MR510 can be operated easily in complete darkness with just one hand, even while wearing gloves. A built-in-Test (BIT) allows for a quick and simple confidence check for secured 24 hours operation.

All these factors make the MR510 the most advanced PLB available.

Características Principales


  • CIS Beacon Classes: Class I (+55°C to - 40°C) or Class II (+55°C to -20°C) available.
  • Integral Antennas: Integral VHF/UHF and built-in GPS antennas.
  • Beacon Mode: 121.5 MHz, 243.0 MHz and 406.037 MHz beacon.
  • Voice Communication: 2 ways simplex, on VHF and UHF.
  • GPS: 12 channels.
  • Battery Technology: Primary Lithium, life time greater than 5 years.
  • Special Accesories: Becker life vest antennas.
  • Activation: Manually or automaticall, via water sensor or lanyard.
  • Built-in-Test: By activation of BIT, a 100% confidence check of all functions.
  • Compliance: STANAG 7007, Part. PSAP devices, C/S specifications T.001 y T.007.Environment conditions in accordance with MIL-STD 810 E.
  • For maintenance and setting: Becker Avionics provides test and programming equipment, allowing Crew training, maintenance and the testing of C/S-Protocols.
  • Working time: more than 24 hous guaranteed, from +55°C to -40°C/-20°C.
  • Waterproof: down to 10 meters.
  • Easy to use: The MR510 can be operated easily in complete darkness with just one hand, even while wearing gloves
  • Dimensions: 162,15 x 90 x 46,6 mm (H x W x D).
  • Weight: 615 grs including battery.

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