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Airport Security becker, atlass, security, airports, ads-b, surveillance, locating traffic Accident Prevention System ADS-B Traffic Localization And Surveillance

Accident Prevention System  
Accident Prevention System
Accident Prevention System
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The ATLASS system from Becker Avionics is more than a tracking and locating aircraft system. ATLASS is a full featured ADS-B Traffic Localization And Surveillance System ideal to be used as an Accident Prevention System.

Becker’s BAR6216 is a 1090 MHz ADS-B Message Receiver intended for outdoor
installation that detects and processes ADS-B messages transmitted by equipped aircraft and vehicles

Wide operating temperature range, low power consumption and simple maintenance requirements let the unit operate in remote areas with minimal infrastructure. The addition of the BAV6215 vehicle transponder constitutes an effective ground movement tracking system.

Accident Prevention System

Price-Effective Flight Tracking

ATLASS is a state-of-the-art stand-alone ADS-B traffic monitoring system that provides a recognized air and ground situation with a professional Human Machine Interface for various applications where mission-critical data are needed, at limited costs and with reduced numbers of system components.

Flexibility and scalability

The system intends to integrate all basic functionalities needed by operators and is meant to be scalable and can be extended to meet user-specific requirements. ATLASS is your flexible alternative for your mission specific configuration.


The BAR6216 sensor unit is able to receive ADS-B messages from properly equipped air and ground participants and generate a time-labeled report for each received message. The unit is supplied with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology which requires only a single cable for power supply and data transfer. Spatially distributed receivers can be combined to extend coverage.


Data provided by the receiver is then processed by the Human Machine Interface and correlated with other information if available (e.g. METAR, flight plan data). This provides you with a complete, integrated and cost-effective system for immediate operation

The ATLASS HMI is a state-of-the-art air and ground situation display system, designed in cooperation with 42 Solutions, a well-known and established software provider for ATM and safety critical applications. ATLASS is the tool for airports or airfields wishing to improve overall flight safety and to make an extended use of a recognized air picture.

These users will find in Becker’s ADS-B solution their cost-effective and reliable solution.

Key features

  • Linux-based system.
  • Airborne and ground ADS-B target display.
  • Drawing tools and track management.
  • Airspaces, fixes, waypoints and other AIP data.
  • Flexible map backgrounds
  • Data recording and replay functionalities.
  • Airspace/traffic proximity warning extensions.
  • Deployable/mobile.

Areas of Application

  • Basic situational awareness.
  • Airport operations supervision.
  • Surface movement awareness.
  • Search and rescue mission management.
  • Security / border control.
  • Law enforcement.
  • Flight following for airlines and fleet operators.
  • Back-up / fall-back situation display for ATC.
  • UAV operations surveillance.

Accident Prevention System

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