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The Company navaids, sell, installation, maintenance, aircraft equipments, airport equipments, shelters, clean energy, hf, uhf, vhf

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The Company

RDC Comunicaciones S.A. is an argentine company whose main activity focuses on sale, integration, installation and maintenance of communication systems and Navaids (VOR, DVOR, DME, ILS, NDB)..

At its headquarters in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, RDC plans and manages tasks related to installation, integration and support of systems and equipment of last generation that provide guidance of aircrafts in flight.

RDC COMUNICACIONES SA is associated with manufacturers of communications equipment whose prestige and international recognition as playing a key role in the safety of air traffic systems.

Main Activities

The main tasks of RDC are project, market, integrate, install and maintain communication systems and Navaids.

The company has a highly trained staff on the equipment and systems installation and commissioning in the country and neighboring countries, making equipment and systems maintenance on site, in the own laboratories and by remote management.

Also, with the RDC Training Center, we offer all our experience in new air navigation systems, telecommunications and customized technological solutions.

Provision and Support

Products RDC provides, installs and supports are:

  • Navaids (VOR, DVOR, DME and ILS equipment).
  • Shelters for communication systems and Navaids.
  • HF, VHF/UHF AM communication systems for aircrafts and airports.
  • A/C Mode Transponders.
  • Base Stations.
  • Air Traffic Control equipments.
  • UHF Personal Locator Beacons (COSPAS SARSAT).
  • Intelligent Interoperability systems.
  • Systems for emergencies and disasters.
  • VHF goniometers to locate emergency transmissions.
  • Communications equipment and systems terrestrial (portable and vehicle) and maritime for civil and military use.
  • Voice and Data Encryption systems.
  • ADF Systems.
  • Telephone couplers.
  • Antennas and accessories for communication systems.
  • Intelligent PC terminals.
  • Meteorological and communication systems.
  • Messaging Systems and Data Banks.
  • E-mail, Fax and Data systems.
  • Flight Inspection Systems maintenance.
  • Alternative Clean Energy generation systems.

For more information see Services & Support and Product Lines.


RDC has worked in several countries of America, providing high technology solutions for Navaids and aeronautical communications, maintenance and technical support for Navaids and aeronautical communications , installling and making maintenance of Navaids in airports and airdromes of:

  • Argentina: VOR, DME, VOR/DME, DVOR/DME, ILS/DME.
  • Antártida Argentina: VOR/DME.
  • Aruba: VOR/DME.
  • Belice: VOR/DME.
  • Colombia: VOR/DME.
  • Costa Rica: VOR/DME.
  • Chile: DVOR/DME.
  • Paraguay: VOR/DME.
  • Uruguay: VOR/DME y NDB.

Developing Areas

RDC uses communication solutions from suppliers that are technology leaders, and the company is constantly engaged in the study and the possibility of new projects including its own developments.

Clean Energy Generation

The protection of the environment is fundamental for life and, given the current conditions of pollution and risks involved for the present and future, is essential to take measures to cooperate in reducing greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Current technology allows that clean energy generation systems are a real and effective alternative, not only to obtain lower costs but also to care for our environment .

RDC COMUNICACIONES S.A. is committed to ecological protection and offers alternative energy generation systems that help businesses to reduce costs and to be on an equal condition with users around the world that protect Nature as much as possible.

Contact RDC and be part of a positive change for everyone.

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