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technical communication corporation

  • Network encryption.
  • Data encryption and SONET/SDH encryption.
  • Key and network devices for encryption management.
  • Safe encryption for mobile phone.
  • Safe encryption for radio.
  • Safe encryption for voice phone and fax.
  • Customized encryption solutions.

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Secure Confidential Communications

Military Universal Radio Encryption

DSP 9000
DSP 9000
The DSP 9000 secure radio family encrypts communications over HF/UHF/VHF channels with exceptional recovered voice quality.
Base station, handset and implant board configurations are available. Enabled by TCC’s X-NCrypt® Cross Network Cryptography, the DSP 9000 interoperates with TCC’s HSE 6000 headset radio and telephone encryption solution, connecting military with public safety personnel and providing commander’s conferencing.

  • End-to-End Secure Communications.
  • Universal encryption works with most radio makes and models, and all frequency bands.
  • Exceptional voice quality.
  • Cryptographic strength.
  • Remote-control capability for vehicles, ships and aircraft installations.
  • Secure multiple conferences between field agents and office.
DSP 9000 Handset
DSP 9000 Handset
The high-level security and voice processing of the DSP 9000 base station is available in a handset half-duplex configuration.
The DSP 9000 HS replaces the existing manpack radio handset, adding less than one pound to the radio. The DSP 9000 HS is ideal for ground troops.
Prior to initial deployment, the security officer loads keys and radio interface settings using TCC’s SmartModule. Once loaded, the radio operator only needs to select cipher or plain mode.
Implant Card DSP 9000
Implant Card DSP 9000
The DSP 9000 Implant Board is an OEM solution for radio manufacturers.
It is a modular embedded board designed for easy integration into radios, and interoperates with radios secured with members of the DSP 9000 family and the HSE 6000 radio headset encryptor.

SDH/SONET Encryption

DSD 72B-SP (RI) SDH/SONET Encryption
DSD 72B-SP (RI) SDH/SONET Encryption
The DSD 72B-SP (RI) rugged industrial optical encryptor for SDH/SONET networks provides strategic-level, path encryption of voice, data and video transmitted over fiber optic networks.
Protocol agnostic and with automated KEYNET key and device management, the DSD 72B-SP (RI) is a cost-effective, secure communications solution for global mission-critical networks.

  • Seamless Network Overlay.
  • Strategic-level data protection.
  • Interoperable with industrial and military variants.
  • Wire-speed 155.52 Mb/s and 622.08 Mb/s performance.
  • Flexible configurations.
  • AES-256, optional custom algorithm.
KEYNET Optical Manager
KEYNET Optical Manager
The DSD 72B-SP (RI) and its interoperable industrial and military variants are centrally deployed, configured and managed by TCC’s advanced KEYNET Optical Manager. KEYNET is a Windows 7 rack mount server with tamper-proof security vault.
Multiple layers of protection secure keys at every point in their life cycle with limited human intervention.
KEYNET Optical Manager also provides userauthenticated, role-based secure device management, as well as path configuration and monitoring that supports network policies (blocked, plain, secure).
With an intuitive user interface and automated polls, alarms and logs, a network expert is not needed for trusted key and device management of a large network.

Radio Headset and Telephone Encryption

HSE 6000
HSE 6000
The small, lightweight, self-powered HSE 6000 radio headset encryptor operates with most radios; connects to corded handset telephones used with VoIP, analog and digital telephone networks; and interoperates with TCC’s military secure radio DSP 9000 family.
Enabled by X-NCrypt® Cross Network Cryptography, the HSE 6000 provides end-to-end secure voice communications and conferencing across radio and telephone networks.

  • Secure tactical radio operations.
  • Universal encryption works with most radio makes and models, and all frequency bands.
  • Simplicity and portability.
  • Cryptographic strength.
  • Interoperates with the DSP 9000 military secure radio family.
  • Operates with corded handset telephones used with VoIP, digital and analog telephone networks.
HSE 6010 Telephone interconnect Kit
HSE 6010 Telephone interconnect Kit
The HSE 6000 with our Telephone Interconnect Kit (HSE 6010) enables both secure radio to secure telephone communication, and secure telephone-to-telephone communication.
It connects to corded handset telephones used with VoIP, analog and digital telephone networks, and is ideal for connecting commanders and government officials to field personnel.
It also has secure voice mail. Setting up a secure call with the Telephone Interconnect Kit is easy and takes less than a minute.

Key and Devices Centralized Management

The advanced KEYNET IP Manager centrally and simply configures and manages a global network of TCC’s Cipher X 7211 IP encryption appliances.
With an intuitive user interface and automated polling of alarms and logs, a network expert is not needed for trusted key and device management.

  • Centralized management.
  • Cipher X 7211 IP Encryption.
  • Multiple layers of protection.
  • Automated key and device management requires little human interaction.
  • Hardware-based security vault protects highly critical keys.
  • Manages remote software updates.
  • Network expert not needed to manage network security.

Ethernet IP Encoders

Cipher X® 7211
Cipher X® 7211
The Cipher X 7211 provides strategic-level communications security for global IP networks.
It integrates seamlessly into existing or new networks without degrading network performance, while the unique combination of flexibility, scalable 1 Gb/s performance and KEYNET IP Manager delivers a robust, cost-effective solution that is easy to deploy, monitor and manage.

  • Seamless Network Overlay.
  • Optimum flexibility.
  • Scalable Performance.
  • Cryptographic strength.
  • Strategic-level of data protection.
  • Scalable, interoperable wire-speed performance — 100 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s.
  • No network architecture changes or performance degradation.

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