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Other Communication Products Baliza Becker MR510


  • Communication Systems.
  • Meteorological Systems and Stations.
  • Flight Inspection Systems.
  • Shelters for Communication Systems and Navaids.
  • Alternate Energy and Ecological Systems.

Communication Systems, Meteorological Systems, Flight Inspection Systems, Shelters y Clean Energy Generation


HF, VHF / UHF communication system
Communication Systems
A wide range of HF, VHF / UHF communications systems tailored to the specific needs of users and businesses.
We supply, install and maintain equipment and systems manufactured by companies of international reputation, whose quality and durability has been proven worldwide under the most demanding conditions.
Meteorological System and Stations
Meteorological Systems and Stations
Automatic weather stations and systems developed at the request of the customer using a variety of combinations of meteorological sensors, signal conditioners and data acquisition technologies.
The great strength of these devices makes them particularly suitable even for industrial applications and provide the accuracy required by scientific researchers and weather professionals.
The stations can be built including the following devices:
  • Barometric pressure gauges.
  • Evaporation meters.
  • Relative humidity meters.
  • Rainfall meters.
  • Solar radiation meters.
  • Wind and visibility meters.
  • Surge protection.
  • Data acquisition equipment.
  • Detectores de rayos.
  • Lightning detectors.
  • Monitors.
  • Recorders and chart recorders.
  • Tripods, towers and power supplies.
We also provide equipment for Meteorological Stations upper atmospheric layers and Mobile Meteorological Stations.
Flight Inspection System
Flight Inspection Systems
Flight Inspection Systems offers latest technology, advanced features, extended flexibility for future expansions, system integration and certification in many aircraft types.
Modular hardware with workstation separated from racks were designed for maximum reliability, minimum space and ease installation and maintenance.
  • Compliant with ICAO Doc 8071 - Annex 10, United States Flight Inspection Manual, OA P8200.1C.
  • Use of system approved by several civil aviation organizations such as JCAB, AAI, UkSATSE.
  • Configurable to meet any special criteria or individual tolerances.
  • Design fully adapted for future addition of new features like Egnos, Galileo or CNS/ATM, including VDL, CPDLC, ADS-B and GBAS supported precision approaches.
  • Optimized windows-based man-machine interface.
  • Interface to standard office software.
  • Replay function on PC or Laptop.


Shelter for Communication System and Navaids
Shelter for Communication Systems and Navaids
Shelters for Navaids equipment and communications systems, designed according to customer needs and requirements.

  • Constructed in metal and fiberglass.
  • Protected against the weather.
  • Provided with air conditioning systems.
  • Provided with emergency power systems.

Ecological Clean Energy Generation

Ecological Clean Energy Generation
Ecological Clean Energy Generation
Technologies for generation of clean alternative energy greatly assist in preserving the environment, and may include, among others, the following systems:
  • Solar Panels.
  • Wind Generators.
  • Heating water systems.

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