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  • UHF Personal Locator Beacons (COSPAS-SARSAT).
  • VHF/UHF communications equipment for aircraft and airports.
  • Air Traffic Control equipment.
  • A/C Mode Transponders.
  • ADF Systems.
  • VHF goniometers to locate emergency transmissions.

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Airport Equipments

VHF/UHF Conventional Radio Systems

GK 415-(10) 10W Mobile VHF Trasceiver Base Station
GK 415-(10) 10W Mobile VHF Trasceiver Base Station
With its new set of features the Becker GK 415 provides excellent durability and reliability in demanding operating environments, capable of being hand-carried in its durable bag, installed in any vehicle or fixed as a low base station.
The core of the GK 415 is the Becker FAA-certified AR 4201 airborne transceiver, featuring 760 channels, 118- 137 MHz frequency range, 25 kHz channel spacing, sunlight-readable backlit LCD, SETUP menu, BITE functions (Built-In-Test-Equipment) and DC voltage indication.
TG480-(025)-(50) Ground Station, 50W
TG480-(025)-(50) Ground Station, 50W
The TG 460 series of ground stations offers a lowcost, stand-alone solution for ground to air voice communication (AM/A3E) in the VHF band for Air Traffic Control.
This transceiver is ideal for airfields, small airports, oil rigs or as emergency station for main VHF systems.
The heart of the TG 460 is the Becker AR4201 transceiver which utilizes state of the art technology to cover the whole 118 MHz to 137 MHz frequency range, operating on all 760 channels. Preprogramming of 99 channel memories and scanning through the preprogrammed channels are standard features with the unit.
GS 5930 30W Professional UHF Transceiver
GS 5930 30W Professional UHF Transceiver
The BECKER GS 5930 Ground Station is designed for operation in civil and military control towers, air traffic control centers, control shelters or on ships. The GS 5930 is equipped with a receiver guard channel scan mode.
The frequency range extends from 225 to 400 MHz UHF in 25 kHz / 12.5 kHz, or 8 channel spacing. The channel spacing is given by the frequency.
The equipment automatically switches to the right selectivity and audio frequency bandwidth.

Antennas and Accessories

1A045 225-400MHz Omnidirectional VHF Dipole Antenna
1A045 225-400MHz Omnidirectional VHF Dipole Antenna

  • Frequency Range 225 - 400 MHz.
  • Impendance 50 Ohms asymmetric.
  • Vertical polarization.
  • Max Power: 600 watts with 7/16 connector.
  • 250 watts with N-type connector (optional).
  • Gain 2 dBi Ref. to isotropic radiator.
1A049 Broadband Aluminium Groundplane-Antenna
1A049 Broadband Aluminium Groundplane-Antenna
Broadband aluminium groundplane-antenna with 8 mm diameter stainless steel radials made with heavy duty aloined aluminium radiator, high streghtcase aluminium base.
514B Handheld dynamic microphone, 100-6000Hz, 200W, 15mV, w/ DIN-5 connector
514B Handheld dynamic microphone, 100-6000Hz, 200W, 15mV, w/ DIN-5 connector

  • Handheld dynamic microphone.
  • 100-6.000Hz, 200 W, 15 mV.
  • DIN-5 connector.

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